April Gallery was established in 2017 in April. It’s a new name in an art world, but the background was building for eight years by Lithuanian art curator Tomas Ivanauskas and now it’s getting stronger with every new exhibition. Gallery is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We work exceptionally with Lithuanian artists. Main gallery artists are: painters Andrius Miezis, Evelina Paukštytė, Vytautas Narbutas, Vidmantas Jusionis; graphic artists Mikalojus Vilutis, Emilija Balas; photographers Tomas Ivanauskas and Algimantas Maldutis.

During last years a few significant art fairs and shows were visited: Vera International Art Festival (Moscow, Russia), Salon of Association of Independent Artists (Cannes, France), Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong), Affordable Art Fair Milan. 

Gallery founder Tomas Ivanauskas 2018 graduated Master of History and Theory of Art in Vilnius Art Academy. More than 20 years works as an art manager, curator and consultant with theatre, cinema, music and fine arts.