Vidmantas Jusionis was born in 1961 in Vilnius.

1979 graduated National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art.

1985 graduated Vilnius Institute of Arts.

From 1990 member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

From 1987 teacher in National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art.

First of all – characters. What are the characters of painter Vidmantas Jusionis? Wolfs? Dogs? Werewolves? Beasts? Ghosts? Isterious cats? Or is it we? Our fears and doubts? Passions? Fate? Our conscience? Hallucinations? Unintentional (and maybe intentional) desires? Or is it just an ironic approach to our bestial, predatory society? To our doggy life? Is it a human an animal or an animal a human? Where is the true?

The second is color. Dominates three main colors – blue, yellow and red. Bright, burning, pure – hot to the highest temperature. Sounding, screaming – up to the greatest fortissimo. Almost no semitones or additions – just the true color, real energy, true drama, true feelings.