Four years of art work by Evelina Paukštytė are displaying in this exhibition. All paintings belong to different cycles, but for the same creativity period. The artist is observing the surroundings, going deeper to her sub-consciousness and from these two elements creating her paintings, slinking from and between inside and outside. Intermediate zones and states are always misleading. The first glance to Evelina Paukštytė‘s work also might be deceptive. Bright colors, dynamic lines and witty characters are setting cheerful mood. But quickly you feel like you are having all this fun in butaforic pavilion. The most interesting thing is that the curiosity comes, not sadness, when you understand it.

The style of the paintings reminds 90‘s “Arcade“ classical computer games: flat, sterile spaces that are separated by strict lines and moving figures in between them. Stylized men figures, dressed with tights, often seen salmons, pills, and red anthodium, known as flamingo flower, blossoms, vegetables and fruits are going from one painting to another. However, there are guests from pop-culture such as Barbie, Pikachu, green aliens and more. All these characters are always in a move doing all kinds of actions, they cannot stop, otherwise, they will not make it to another level.

Action is happening in closed spaces. Repetitive geometrical forms – cubes, tanks and aquariums, are creating even stronger four walls feeling. It is a world without sky and land. Here is not wind, sleet or unbearable heat. But, horizontal line is always clear and even. Here is no place for hiding. However, strong and clear base and lines created for moving (restricting it at the same time) are here. The surroundings of characters are pretty much the same, made of clear lines and geometrical forms. The main differences are horizontal height of the paintings, rhythm and density of lines, color range.

The perspective is repetitive in most of the paintings. The glance is always seeing a general situation – there is no zoomed in or zoomed out shots, everything is seen equally bright. Objects, disobeying for linear perspective rules, portrayed using reverse axiomatic perspective principles are diversifying monotonic perspective. Always galling from a little height to the paintings. This is the most usual way to look for today’s person – it is the way we look at the computer monitor standing on the table.

This is tighten painting. Closed compositions, local and intense color planes and small figures are painted precisely smooth. There are no stomp, running paint or different layers of paint. Artist is in control of everything while creating her “amazing new world“ and she is not trying to hide it. She is creating everything for herself, only sometimes sighting that she is alone in Lithuanian art context. That loneliness in found in the paintings.

It is not that hard to see not only some time ago writers Aldous Huxley created world, but also today’s western world’s city life in paintings by Evelina Paukštytė. Different by color or setting of objects, but still equally comfortable spaces where characters are wiggling. You will not be able to so children nor old people, deaths nor drops of sweat on moving bodies. It is world of boxes: monitors, offices or houses and rhythmical plans filling. Everything looks fun, but also makes you worry: where is everything else, what does not fit in between strictly drawn lines? Maybe it is in animals. Plants. Closed cubs in which anything can hide and blow up anytime. Or maybe in sense of humor which is of the found in paintings. People who laugh often, rarely become people who moralize a lot. Evelina Paukštytė is just telling her story and through that about society, our lives.

Aistė Paulina Virbickaitė